HotBrackets.com is a free online portal dedicated to the tournament brackets for sporting events, recreational events and video game competitions online or off. We also have a wide selection of printable tournament and gaming brackets. You can create a simple bracket in just a few minutes and all the updates to the bracket are delivered to your audience in real time.

Unlike most of the other bracket sites out there on the internet, we provide you with the tools to create a feature rich and dynamic view of your brackets with a focus on customization. When setting up tournaments, brackets, teams and games, there are an array of customizable fields to give the information you want to your viewers and hide what you don't want them to see.

Some of the standout features of HotBrackets are:

  • A real Web 2.0 feel of online brackets and tournaments
  • No confusing URLs to give to your viewers. You send them the link to what page you are on and we'll make sure they see what they should.
  • User definable fields for teams that allow you to customize what you have to say about each team.
  • Tournament and Team images
  • User sign up brackets. Yes, you can send people to the bracket and they can sign up their self if they have the password!
  • Share control of your tournaments. You can assign a Co-Owner to your tournaments so if you are not available they can create brackets for you.
  • Share control of your brackets. You can assign a Co-Host to your brackets so if you are not available they can update the brackets for you.
  • Permanent teams. Tired of setting up your brackets and having to re-enter the same information? Create a permanent team and use it on future brackets that you create.
  • Plus many other great features

Currently HotBrackets has the following bracket formats:

Regardless if you are running a bracket for just a few friends or for an organization you can start using HotBrackets right now and it won't cost you a thing. So why not join and start using the premier tournament and bracket solution on the internet right now?

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